4th November 2013

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My Tumblr Crushes:love-and-radiationbeyoursledgehammerdstroymacciowinemultiplepolarityhavocjakkebringmethesuperwholockbapgeekliesofamanWhat a good group of people. My Tumblr Crushes:
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What a good group of people.

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9th January 2013

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jakke said: What are your thoughts on the provincial election coming up?

Oh my I have many thoughts. 

The BC Conservative Party frightens me. I expect them to get a few seats, likely in Abbotsford. They don’t have a chance of forming the government and I doubt they’ll get close to forming the opposition. They almost imploded a few months ago with leadership issues and challenges to John Cummins, which he fought fiercely, and probably pretty dirty. So far as I can tell, they have seven candidates.

The BC Liberal Party is (or at least was) in deep trouble. Canadian (and particularly BC) politics has a long history of men leading a strong party for a long time, exiting politics under a cloud of controversy, and leaving a woman in charge of a sinking ship. Rita Johnson after Bill Vanderzalm and Kim Campbell after Brian Mulroney both come to mind, and they’re both from BC.

Christie Clark deserves more support from her party than she has received. She could have done quite a bit more, but the HST and Gordon Campbell have poisoned the well. 

She barely won the byelection against David Eby for her seat in the Legislature by 595 votes, but that was as much about anger with her predecessor (Campbell) and the HST. This time people can be angry about the HST, defining natural gas as a “clean energy”, the Enbridge Pipeline, and a host of other issues. And she’ll be running against David Eby again. I think she’s in danger of losing her seat in the house.

The BC Green Party is running in 25 ridings so far. They’ve got a really good chance on Vancouver Island and in the Gulf Islands. Elizabeth May won the federal riding in Sydney BC, and I think the surrounding ridings are heading that way as well, especially with the pipeline, natural gas as a clean energy source, and other environmental issues. Those areas are also home to lots of small businesses, which will be preparing to switch from HST to GST/PST. That’s going to be a big pain for a lot of people, who will remember that the Liberal Party is to blame.

Adrian Dix has set an ambitious plan for the NDP in the next election. He wants to treat every riding as winnable, and give every candidate as much support as possible. It’s a risky strategy. He’s polling highest, and his party is polling highest. He can win the election by going negative, associating the BC Liberals with the HST, Gordon Campbell, Enbridge, and other issues. He can attack Christie Clark and win. 

But I hope he doesn’t. He has a really good chance of winning with a clean campaign, which is his best long-term strategy. I don’t think the NDP is going to win an overwhelming majority, so he’s going to have to work with the opposition.

It looks like the NDP is going to win and the Liberals will be in opposition. I’m going to vote NDP and I hope they win. I think the Greens will win a few seats, probably more than the Conservatives.

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23rd September 2012

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But “irregardlessly” is.


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10th June 2012

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jakke replied to your post: Awesome, magnificent day ruined by hiccups[1]….

If the hiccups persist long enough you can have a Teflon spacer installed between your vagus nerve and the big artery in your neck. Apparently that stops them. Nontrivially hazardous surgery though.

That’s genuinely new information for me. Thank you.

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28th May 2012

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jakke said: How do you feel about the Vancouver Public Library building, architecturally speaking?

It’s a stunning piece of architecture. From the outside it looks like a big waste of space and totally inefficient. But then once you go inside and wander the stacks it seems beautiful and spacious and totally surprising. I love it.

It’s been used in just about every SciFi show filmed here that it’s become iconic of everywhere but Vancouver. I hate it.

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10th April 2012

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jakke said: How do you feel about biking in downtown Vancouver? Are the separated bike lanes necessary? Does the overall infrastructure seem sufficient?

There could always be more bike lanes. I’ve seen cyclists hit parked car doors before because the driver didn’t look to see if someone was coming.

The separated bike lanes are great at preventing that and other kinds of accidents. I like that they are used sparingly, and in places where there are already lots of cyclists. 

I think the city could do more to promote cycling, by advertising the bike routes especially around downtown. It would be great if there was more secured bike parking as well.

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7th March 2012

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jakke replied to your post: GOD LORD TUMBLR. You’ve made the dashboard even…

Maybe you should have thought of that before you installed missing-e.

Damn, I new I did something wrong and totally broken the ENTIRE INTERNETS today. 

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24th February 2012

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I’ve met at least 1/3rd of the people in this list. 
Tumblr Crushes:

I’ve met at least 1/3rd of the people in this list. 

Tumblr Crushes:

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24th December 2011

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jakke said: Is Google always going to be our predominant search engine? Or is it just something that's fashionable now but likely to be replaced in a couple years, like how Facebook displaced myspace?

(Please forgive me if this is incoherent. I’ve been arguing with Linux all day.)

Ooh, good question. Google’s got a lot of creative, super intelligent people working there, and they treat them really well. So until someone comes along and finds a better way to index, search, and present results Google will be the dominant search engine. And that logic applies to GMail, and probably other things as well.

Comparing the rise of Google over other search engines to the rise of Facebook over MySpace isn’t quite apples vs. apples. Google did a great search thing, but then kept doing new things as well (AdSense, GMail, Google Calender, and more) which kept it on top. Facebook did one thing really well, but hasn’t gone off in new directions. I don’t think Facebook could ever create something like Android. I suspect we’ll see someone rise above Facebook before we someone rise above Google.

Google keeps hiring the best, most talented folks it can find. And it pays them so well that nobody wants to leave. It’s created a bit of a competition vacuum. If you want to do work or research in search, or the web in general, it’s difficult to do it outside of Google.

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11th August 2011

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jakke replied to your post: Nerd blogging from a gay bar called Score. With…


YES! It is awesome. Just ask them for the network/password.

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